Websites for professionals

Introduce who you are, what you do, where you can be found online and discover why people connect with you.

Selection of some of the templates Hiya has to offer. The main profile shown features a headline, her role, bio, work history and a large portrait photo.

Your professional profile

A "digital business card" crossed with a resume that can do more than both combined.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form

Built different

We're not trying to compete with the more advanced site builders like Webflow, Bubble or Wix.

We focus on helping people who don't have loads of imagery and don't have a desire to get stuck into the nitty gritty of fiddling with design and code.

We just make it easy to take information about you and make it look great with the templates and a sprinkling of magic.


All in one place

We scrutinise the things you need to make a great impression, just as much as strip away what's irrelevant. Here are some bits we think you might like:

Your bio

It's your chance to tell your story in all its rich text glory. Wax lyrical about your background, your side hustle, your interests, whatever makes a compelling story.

Social media

Your visitors will be trying to find you on social media so let's save them a Google and include them on your site. You can add as many links to social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or just links to other websites.

Work experience

If you're targeting a new job, you can list your work history and get a CV-like experience.

Side projects

List the projects and businesses you run on the side.

Live chat

With built-in live chat, we lower the friction of visitors reaching out to engage with you.


Contact forms are great for visitors making contact as it offers convenience and keeps them in context, that's why we have them. Nobody likes spam, so we do some clever things to avoid it.


Easily contactable

Gain new opportunities through conversation. We work hard to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with you whilst filtering spammers.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form


Here's a glimpse at some of our templates and how they look with complete profiles.

Request an invite

We have limited spaces available on our beta waitlist but let us know your details and we'll get in touch when we're ready for you.