Our Vision

We exist to maximise human potential using technology. We believe the world will be a better place if more people are able to unlock their potential through connections, tools and resources.

Democratise quality websites

Having your own website gives you an advantage over your peers. It shows you care about your personal brand and reputation. It signals you're conscientious and ambitious. You have a space to control your image and project your individuality. We stand for quality and cater to users with shared values, who want a website better than the rest.

For visionaries

Hiya's built for the ambitious ones, those that know how to create value, and those looking to level up with connections or advance their career. Even if you're top of your game, you've still got potential in front of you.

Designed for humans

We focus on simplicity and putting you before us. This means we are emphatic about customer service, care about our products being intuitive and want to get out of the way to let you shine.


If we think a competitor or self-hosted option would suit your needs better, we'll steer you in the right direction. We won't hold you ransom to your data, it's yours and we'll offer easy ways to obtain it. We don't do hard sales or make it difficult to leave us. We want you to join and stick around out of choice — because of the value we provide.

Let's talk

Fancy an kicking off a conversation? Email at hi@hiya.io.

Cover image by Jason Goodman