Your daily briefing

Wake up to today's calendar events, weather, news and more. All in one place, your inbox.

Here's some of our features:

Event detail showing event time, duration, description, location and who's attending

Calendar events

See what's planned for the day.

You can link multiple Google calendar accounts to have all your work and personal events in one place.

A list of upcoming birthdays with the date of the birthday and name of person

Birthday reminders

Avoid forgetting to order a gift in time with a little heads-up 7 days in advance of their birthday.

A grid of times showing weather icon and temperature

Weather forecast

Get a sense of what mother nature has in store so you know whether to straighten your hair, pack an umbrella or sunglasses (or both).

A list of top news headlines for the day with a thumbnail photo

News headlines

Stay up to date with current affairs from a range of news sources, tailored to your preferences.


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