Impress with your new homepage.

Have a central place show off your bio, your social media profiles and allow people to easily contact you.


It all starts here

Stitch your social media profiles together with one central home, allowing your audience to get a deeper understanding of who you are and offer them an easy way to kick off a formal conversation.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form

Bundles of features

We're constantly evolving our offerings but here's some things we think you'll like:

About you

A chance to tell your story in all its glory. Talk about your business, your side husstle, your professional achievements, your interests, it's up to you.

Social media links

A place to link to your social media profiles including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn.


Optionally share which part of the world you're based. It helps form better connections when people know.

Calendly integration

Offer the easiest way to book a call or meeting with you.

Website stats

Built-in privacy-respecting visitor analytics so you can learn what people are looking for and how they found you.


Once someone decides they want to spark a conversation, make it easy for them to reach you.


Stunningly simple

Creating and updating your website needn't be complicated. We've got an intuative dashboard for you to tweak your homepage whenever you want. Also, there's always humans you can speak to if you need a hand.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form


We're taking the complexity out of the process for you, with a super simple offering.


All plans include:

  • Hosting
  • Access to profesional templates
  • Content editor
  • Hiya Branded


$10 per month

Flexibility to cancel any time.

  • Custom domain name
  • Web analytics
  • Option to remove Hiya branding

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