Showcase you

Websites for people in tech who care about their image

You‘re dripping with talent, it's about time more people realise it. A new website would help. One that looks good and has just the right kind of content. We're on it, jump on board.


Introducing: You

"Hiya" is a warm greeting you use with people you trust. We think visitors to your site should feel warmly greeted and able to understand your potential quicker than the time it takes to awkwardly exchange business cards.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form

Bring it together

We scrutinise the things you need to make a great impression, just as much as strip away what's irrelevant. Here are some bits we think you might like:

Your bio

It's your chance to tell your story in all its rich text glory. Wax lyrical about your background, your side hustle, your interests, whatever makes a compelling story.

Elsewhere online

Your visitors will be trying to find you on social media so let's save them a Google and include them on your site. You can add as many links to social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or just links to other websites.

Work experience

If you're targeting a new job, you can list your work history and get a CV-like experience.


Similar to work experience, listing your academic past could be the key to getting more opportunities.

Website stats

We’ve got built-in privacy-respecting visitor analytics so you can gauge what people are looking for and how they found you.


Contact forms are great for visitors making contact as it offers convinience and keeps them in context, that's why we have them. We hate spam so we do some cunning things to avoid it.


Form & function

We think it's best to separate content and design as it's simpler and affords more flexibility. Change your design on a whim with one of our templates without affecting the content. This also allows us to improve things like your SEO rankings.

Sample Hiya homepage showing profile details, social media links and a contact form

For early adopters only

We're early in our journey and want to give a tip-top level of service to people who take a chance with us. Like most risks, we think it'll be worth it. We'll let you know when we're ready.